ELBM: NASDAQ   $0.39 (+2.34%)
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ELBM: NASDAQ   $0.39 (+2.34%)
ELBM: TSX.V   $0.58 (+3.57%)

Ontario Refinery

Electra’s Flagship Asset

The first of its kind – Existing refinery, infrastructure and permits

Electra’s hydrometallurgical facility is the only facility of its kind in North America. It will supply the electric vehicle market with cobalt sulfate, and has an operating history of previously producing cobalt carbonate and nickel carbonate.

Located in Ontario, Canada, near the largest auto manufacturing centres in North America, Electra’s products are produced locally. Our site is approximately 350 miles (600 kilometres) from the U.S. border and is accessible by road or rail. In addition to the renewable and affordable hydroelectricity that powers our site, Electra will produce the world’s lowest carbon solution for zero-emission vehicles.

At full capacity, Electra’s Ontario Refinery could produce enough cobalt sulfate to supply more than 1 million electric vehicles per year.

Lower Carbon Footprint


lower CO2 emissions


lower water consumption


lower eutrophication potential


lower global warming potential

Ontario Refinery

Phased Market Entry Strategy

Electra’s phased approach to market entry allows us to grow in line with demand from the evolving electric vehicle market, while minimizing risk and optimizing our capital deployment.

Project Highlights

  • Hydrometallurgical facility with an operating history, and only facility of its kind in North America to supply the electric vehicle market with cobalt sulfate
  • Located in Ontario, Canada; a location with exceptional infrastructure and labour force in place
  • Technically derisked with successful flowsheet testing and proven construction engineering and technology solutions
  • Modular design to grow with the EV market
  • Fully permitted site and well-equipped for expansion
  • 51% lower GHGs than Chinese peers, in part owing to hydroelectric power grid 
Ontario Refinery - Project Highlights