Electra is the owner of one of the only primary cobalt-copper deposits in the United States. Cobalt is a strategic critical mineral identified by the US Government as part of their broader efforts to secure domestic supply chains.

Iron Creek will support the development of the US-based EV materials supply chain.

  • Indicated Resource of 2.2 million tonnes at 0.32% cobalt equivalent (0.26% cobalt and 0.61% copper) for 12.3 million pounds of contained cobalt and 29 million pounds of contained copper

  • Inferred Resource of 2.7 million tonnes at 0.28% cobalt equivalent (0.22% cobalt and 0.68% copper) for 12.7 million pounds of contained cobalt and 40 million pounds of contained copper

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Drilling Highlights 2018-2019 and Resource Cross Sections

Unlocking the blue-sky potential of this open deposit

Electra currently controls a 23 km2 land package made up of a combination of private mining patents and lode claims in the Idaho Cobalt Belt. The project is road accessible located only 12 km from an interstate highway. Cobalt mineralization at Iron Creek remains open to the east, west, and at depth demonstrating excellent potential for resource growth. Over the next two years Electra will work to increase the size of the resource at Iron Creek, advance the asset toward a development decision, and drill test additional targets outside of the current resource area.

A long and rich mining history and supportive state policies


Idaho is home to the largest cobalt belt in the United States, including the former producing Blackbird Mine that was in operation from 1902 – 1968.  Multiple additional occurrences of cobalt occur throughout the belt which have seen overall limited exploration.

The Idaho Cobalt Belt deposits are sediment hosted copper cobalt systems that are comparable to some of the largest sedimentary hosted cobalt deposits in the world located in the DRC and Zambia.

Prices on the Rise

Rapid EV Growth to Drive Demand for Cobalt

Cobalt value Figure

We know the EV industry is a key driver for cobalt, with demand increasing during 2021 on the back of higher EV sales that materialized in key regions such as Europe. EVs remain the driving force of the cobalt market.

Cobalt demand is expected to continue to increase causing deficits to emerge in the cobalt market from 2025 onward.

Within the battery market, NCM (“Nickel Manganese Cobalt”) and LFP (“Lithium Iron Phosphate”) chemistries for Li-ion batteries are expected to continue dominating EV applications.

Although LFP type batteries have built market share in China due to the popularity of mini-EV models, the NCM battery will hold ground for longer-range, larger and higher-performance vehicles, making it the preferred choice for the North American market.

As a result, cobalt prices are expected to remain strong off the back of a formidable year that saw its price grow by over 100%.